Your Bike Doesn’t Hate You

Your bike hates you.

Or, #yourbikehatesyou or #bikeshopbingo

This is actually a thing and it’s not actually possible. 

Instead, this is just a passive aggressive way of judging a bicycle owner’s ability to care for their things in a way that is perpendicular to the ability of the person making the comment. Worse yet, this method of passing judgement is typically reserved for social commentary under the guise that it’s humor. 

It’s not funny.

It’s public shaming and it’s counter productive to encouraging more people to ride bikes. If you really want to ruin cycling, keep shaming people for their private choices and keep publicly announcing it from the backrooms of bike shops all around the planet.

Saying “your bike hates you”, in this sense, is effectively saying “I hate you for what you did to your bike and then brought it to me to fix it.”