Think sommelier, only for bikes.

Everybody knows one and far too many shops have one. The Sagmaullier is essentially somebody that knows way too much about the particular specifics of bicycles and their accoutrements, AND feels the need to flex their knowledge whenever possible.

It’s important to not confuse a helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, humble cyclist for the Sagmaullier, but the differences should be obvious. This person is much like the one-upper. If you’re not familiar, the one-upper is the type to always chime in with something they’ve done that scores higher than what you’ve done on some bizarre scale that only the one-upper is aware of. It’s off-putting…and so is the Sagmaullier.

If we are to ruin this cycling thing, we should be keen to call out the Sagmaullier when we spot them. We should speak up to these ivory tower dwellers. Feel free to demand proof that this person attended university and received a degree in their position of bicycle judgement. Should no degree be provided, move ahead to find another, more helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and humble human that can help you find what it is you’re looking for.

This community of ours is filled with amazing folk that would love to discuss the ins and outs of their experience in the hopes that their knowledge may benefit you. As more time passes, group rides and retail spaces are filling in one by one with people that want to share what they’ve found. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of judgmental curmudgeons that would just as soon wax on and on about how amazing their vintage steel whatchamacallit performed on the miles-long climb to coffee outside last weekend…instead of listening to your needs and wants and returning with qualifying questions..

If you see something, say something.

*Editors Note: The term Sagmaullier is derived from the Late Latin, SAGMA, which originally referred to a packsaddle. Also worth mentioning, the term was coined by a fella with Some Dumb Name.