On Events

Let’s talk about events. 

First thing, there is literally one every weekend. For just about any discipline. 

Second thing, if you put an event together and spend all of your time and energy making it a success, kudos to you. If you don’t put an event together and don’t spend all of your time and energy making it a success, keep your negative comments to yourself.

It’s two things. Plain and simple. 

Events are crucial to cycling. They give people an opportunity to be a part OF something, rather than just exist on a bike APART from everything. 

Events are a great way to achieve goals.

Events are a great way to become a better, stronger cyclist.

Events are a great way to network and grow one’s community. 

Events are a fundamental part of cycling. They always have been and they always will be. 

We know that. 

What we don’t know, or at a minimum fail to outwardly understand, is that events don’t typically happen without somebody at the wheel who is passionate about their endeavor. Events don’t just exist. They take a tremendous amount of organization and communication and effort. In most cases, the promoters rarely get their financial investment back. Cycling events are truly a labor of love. 

So stop being assholes when you show up to them.

Next time you go and things aren’t just the way YOU want them to be, think before you speak.

Next time you go and you think it’s a good idea to hover around the time clock table and ask what your time was, go to your car, change your clothes, grab a beer with your bros and then go home and wait for the results to get posted online like almost everyone else. Sure, you’re fast. We get it. Tracking results for 100 or 1,000 people is not fast. It takes time and energy and money. 

Next time you go to an event and you haven’t prepped at all, don’t bother every volunteer you can find to help you get the three things you weren’t aware you needed...even though you read the website and you got the pre-event email that outlined everything you’d need to be prepared. 

Next time you go to an event that you’ve never participated in, but you’re there because your friends told you how great it would be, just be nice and act as-if. It will likely be a much better experience for you and for everyone else.

These are basic tips. The top of the ice berg. We could go on, but why. If you have questions, please read through The Program and then reconsider your concerns. If you still have questions, please ask somebody...kindly. 

None of this is difficult. 

Oh, and one more thing. If you ever go to an event that doesn’t charge an entry fee, be nice or get the fuck out. Seriously.