In this crazy and chaotic world of go go go, it’s been said that hiding in plain sight is sometimes the easiest thing to do…and it is. Sort of.

What does it mean though and how does it connect to ruining cycling?

Here we go…get off the internet. At a minimum, come out from behind your keyboard.

The cycling world, much like the rest of the world, is full of almost anonymous keyboard heroes that love to chime in on how you should be doing anything better than your are. Message boards are full of them. Social media posts are full of them. They somehow manage to be everywhere and they’re real annoying and mostly full of shit.

They’re always quick with a response to whatever question you might have and even quicker to challenge anything in the way of change or perspective. They’re blood-thirsty animals behind their keyboards that almost appear to wait for every opportunity to sink their teeth into your flesh and eat your heart and soul. They are big, strong privileged people with more knowledge than any one human should have. They are self-righteous and loud-mouthed and they’re rare to backdown…until you meet them in person when these folks become soft spoken and agreeable. It may take a minute to get to common ground when you’re face to face, but things almost always get worked out quickly.

So…if we really want to ruin this thing, we need to address the quiet ghost in the center of the circle. We need to challenge these internet bullies and draw them into the real world by inviting them to conversations over beers or coffees. Tell them you’re open to talking things through, but only in person. If they reject the idea, abandon their rhetoric, tell them to pound sand and find some folks that actually get shit done and make great things happen.

Give it a try and you might be surprised at how quickly change can be effected.